I have several printers for my mac collection. The first is a Laser writer 16/600 PS called paper muncher (it came with that name configured). It’s a canon print engine also used by the laser jet 4/5 series printers. The laser writer support localtalk and Ethernet so all my machines are able to use it via Ether talk. I have upgraded the memory to 16MB in order to cope with large documents.

My second old school laser printer is a laser jet 5M. Shown here in bits while I was cleaning the optics. It has an additional (optional) 500 sheet tray and a duplex unit. The printer is compatible with Mac either by Ethernet or local talk on its built in jet direct.

I also have a style writer II and portable desk jet 320. These are good little printers and the desk jet even supports colour but the output is slow and for graphics not very good resolution.

Picked up from my latest excursion to the mainland for the price of a bottle of manx vodka. A laserwriter 8500.