My favourite machine of all is my Twentieth Anniversary Mac. Only 12,000 were made so very special. Orginally a $7,000 machine. This one I have in my collection is stamped as Sparticus which is the projects code name. Extra points if you can work out what hotel chain I was in when I took the photo.

This is my original imac. Its a G3 from around 1999. The iMac was revolutionary and an evolution of the all in one mac’s previously available. Running OSX this is a super machine which all I’ve had to do replace the PRAM battery which kind of equivalent of a CMOS battery on the PC. I have also upgraded the RAM to 1GB

This one was found by a friend of mine in a charity shop as new in the box so a very rare find.

I also have many beige macs. An LC475 (LC means low cost) which has a motorola 040LC chip in it. It runs OS 7.5.5 and is a good little machine for experimenting hypercard and claris works on.

Also pictured is my colour classic. Pristine condition and also runs OS 7.5. Has claris works and file maker pro installed. All my macs have Ethernet so are able to talk on ether talk and share files.

My oldest and most favourite beige mac is a IIcx kindly given to me by a good friend of mac-mann. I have a AUI to UTP transceiver to get it on the network and have recently upgraded the video card to support 256 colours! The main board has had its capacitors and PRAM battery replaced so all is good.